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Not All Who Wander
Mermaid Tail
Jungle Love
Bali Love
From Bali with Love
Meet Me In Bali
Colorful Die Cut Sticker Pack
Sticker Tri-Pack


Enjoy a wanderer's journey and show it off to others with a colorful custom Wanderer Bracelets sticker.

"Not All Who Wander Are Lost" is 3 inches wide & 2.75" inches high..

 "Mermaid Tail" is 3" inches & 1.75 inches high.

"Pineapple" is 2.75 inches wide & 4 inches high.

"Jungle Love" is 4 inches wide & 3.75 inches high.

"Hibiscus" is 3.25 inches wide & 2.75 inches high.

"Bali Love" is 4 inches wide & 3.75 inches high.

"From Bali With Love" is 2.5 inches wide & 4 inches wide.

"Meet Me in Bali" is 3 inches wide & 4 inches high.


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