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Orders $40 and over get FREE Shipping

Mini Lotus Bracelet

  • Thunder Gray

Innocence. Wisdom. Rebirth.

The beauty of a lotus flower is in its ability to push through the mud in order to bloom and grow. Growth never comes easy, and it takes a humble spirit to recognize that we will never have it all figured out. There is always room to become a better person with a more beautiful character.

In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each bracelet is hand carved from natural water buffalo bone  and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

Maximum length: 8 inches.


As each symbol is made from natural materials, the color will slightly adjust over the first few months of wear as it takes on elements that are a part of your life journey. Salt water, perfumes, and natural oils will give each bracelet its own look that is uniquely yours.