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How did the company start?

The idea for Wanderer Bracelets was formed when our founder, Ben, became friends with a Balinese carver, Made (pronounced ma-day) and together, they brought the concept to life. All of the production is managed by the artisans, therefore they work according to schedules that are appropriate to their culture. Today, the US-based team curates concepts for new bracelets, and the artisans bring them to life. 

What does the logo mean?

One of our goals is to experience all that life has to offer, which includes opening our eyes to new horizons and seeing the world from new points of view. Our focus is grounded in adventure, inspiration and creativity. Our logo reflects that – and reminds us to never stop exploring!

Are you fair trade certified?

We support sustainable work opportunities for 120+ artisans in Bali. We abide by fair-trade guidelines, which includes fair pay for men and women, building relationships and working directly with the artisans. Wanderer is constantly growing, and we are excited to begin the process to become fairtrade certified in the near future!

What percentage do the Artisans get paid?

We are a for-profit business with impact built into our model. We do not operate on a percentage basis; we are a collaborative social enterprise with the goal of providing artisans in Bali with consistent work. Therefore, we purchase set amounts of bracelets each month so that the people we partner with can receive stable income for their families and plan for the future. The artisans we partner with earn 3-5x what they were earning per month before working with us, and earn about 3x the local standard wage which allows them to have financial security, plan for the future, and access better nutrition, healthcare, and education for their families.

Can I come visit the village in Bali where the bracelets are made?

Although we would love for you to join us in Bali and see how our bracelets are made, at this time, we're not able to host any volunteers or visitors to the island. Since the bracelets are made in individual artisans family compounds, we can't invite guests into their sacred spaces on their behalf and we choose to have a low impact model- bringing in visitors on tours would be a shift from our core values. However, we would love to meet you and tell you more about what we do- drop by our Flagship retail store at 415 Northwood Rd. in West Palm Beach, FL anytime!

Are you an American-based Business?

Yes- we are proud to be a US-based company and we're grateful to have a global impact and partner with artisans in Bali, Indonesia. It is our mission to create sustainable work in both countries, as this gives all of our workers the opportunity to contribute to their local economies.



What are they made from?

Each pendant is carved from all-natural, repurposed water buffalo bone. Water buffalo are domestic cattle that are common in Bali and across all of Indonesia, and they're used by family farmers to plow rice fields. Water buffalo have never and will never be killed to make our bracelets. Generations of artisans have carved bone for art, tools and jewelry. We hope to help preserve this beautiful tradition.

 How are they made?

All our bracelets are handmade by artisans in Bali who are truly just families working from their homes. There are no factories or machines used to create our products. Everything from the strands of thread woven together, to the carving of the buffalo bone, to the creation of the bags we ship your bracelets in are made by hand. Even our gift boxes and display stands are handmade in Bali! Then, the products are shipped from the village to our storefront in West Palm Beach, FL where our Wanderer Team accepts online orders, engraves the coordinates, packages the bracelets up, and answers questions from people like you!

 Are Wanderer Bracelets “one size fits all”?

Our wrap, button and tassel styles are all fully adjustable, but they do have maximum lengths: Wrap bracelets are 24 inches long, button bracelets are 7.5 inches long and tassel bracelets are approximately 8 inches long. Since each bracelet is handmade, no two are exactly alike, and there are sometimes slight variations in length.

 How do I secure my bracelet?

Check out these helpful "how-to" videos for tips on securing your bracelet!

Wrap Bracelet


Button Bracelet


Tassel Bracelet


 Why are there two different button bracelet designs?

Currently, we are making the switch over to a brand new design for all of our button bracelets. In an effort to reduce waste and honor the work of the artisans, we're continuing to sell the original loop designs until they're gone! Your bracelet's design style was chosen based on the inventory levels at the time of your order.

 My bracelet looks aged. Is that normal?

Because each pendant is made from 100% natural materials, the color may change slightly over the first few months of wear as it comes in contact with perfumes, soaps and normal oils on the skin.The bracelet band is also hand-woven in Bali from over one hundred pieces of thread made of nylon and cotton, which makes them strong. Because of this, you can look forward to your bracelet taking on a more lived-in appearance with regular wear.

 Please keep in mind that wearing your bracelets while swimming or showering will cause the engraved numbers to weather and wear more quickly.

 Diamond glaze facts

If your coordinates bracelet was ordered after 11/8/2016, then we finished it with a water resistant sealant. This will help your coordinates to remain looking new for longer, but we do recommend that you avoid prolonged exposure to water, lotions and perfumes.

 What should I do if my bracelet breaks?

If your bracelet breaks within 45 days of receiving it, email us a close-up picture of the damage. Include your name, shipping address and order number. We will be happy to open a claim for you!

 When will you restock the bracelet I want to order?
On each out of stock product page there is an option to enter your email address to be notified when products are re-stocked. When we restock your bracelet, we'll email you right away! Items are generally restocked within 2 weeks. Certain items will not return once they sell out.

Shipping & Returns

Can I change my order after I place it:

Orders are processed as quickly as possible, due to this reason, we are not able to guarantee any changes to your order once is has been submitted into our system. If you need to change or cancel your order, please reach out to us via our live chat or email as soon as possible and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your request.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard U.S. shipping (4-7 business days from shipment) is FREE for all orders $25 or more, $3 for orders under $25! If you need your order fast, expedited shipping is available in the U.S. for a $6 fee which takes between 2-3 business days from shipment. 

How long does domestic shipping take?

We'll ship your order within 5-7 business days from the time you placed it. Standard shipping generally takes about 4-7 business days after your order is created, processed and shipped. Expedited shipping takes about 2-3 business days from date of shipment. We ship all of our packages out of West Palm Beach, FL. Exact shipping time is based on your proximity to our location.

 Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide for a flat rate of $5

 What about international customs fees?

Please be aware that depending on your country, you may have to pay additional customs fees or duties when you receive your shipment. Since Wanderer Bracelets is a US-based company, we have no control over these charges or how they are collected. These fees are set by your government and are your responsibility as the buyer. For more information on how these fees are calculated and why they're required, please contact your local postal service or government office.

How long does international shipping take?

Packages shipped to international addresses generally take 6-11 business days to arrive after your bracelets have been created and your order is processed. Shipping overseas to an APO address can take up to 45 days to arrive.

Do you ship to the UK?

We have recently reopened shipping to the UK! Any orders to be sent to the UK will have a disclaimer pop up before completion of the order. Please be aware that any VAT/Custom fees required by your country is the customer's responsibility as Wanderer Bracelets is a US-based country and has no control over any additional fees.

My tracking information isn’t working

Please allow 24-48 hours for USPS to update tracking information into their system! If it is still not working past the 48-hour mark, send us an email at!

My package is missing. What should I do?

If you have not received your package in a timely manner, it may have been lost in transit by USPS. Please contact USPS about the issue and then email us at so we can personally take care of your situation and get your items delivered ASAP!

What should I do if I receive the wrong item(s)?

If you received the wrong order, please email us with your name, order number and a list of the item(s) you are missing. We'll send your correct order as soon as possible!

I’m unsatisfied with my order. Can I get a refund?

All sales are final, so we don't offer refunds. However, if your bracelet breaks within 45 days of purchase, we'd be happy to exchange your bracelet for a new one! Just send us an email with a description and detailed photo to



Bulk Ordering

How do I carry Wanderer Bracelets in my store?

Please email for further information.

Bulk ordering package

    Wanderer Bracelets now offers custom bulk ordering! Your organization can work alongside Wanderer Bracelets to come up with a design, use your own logo, choose your colors, etc. Once you decide on what bracelet you want, we will create a sample of it in Bali for your approval. When approved, we will begin the process of getting your bracelets to you! For bulk ordering, we do require a minimum of 500 pieces ordered with pricing starting at $10/per bracelet. The entire process can take 8-10 weeks, so plan accordingly. We are so excited to start offering bulk ordering! We look forward to working with you to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet piece just for you!



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