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Chanelly Martin x Wanderer Bracelets

An exclusive interview with the Shark Diver & Conservation Enthusiast

In your opinion, what is the importance of shark conservation?

The preservation of sharks is extremely crucial. Most people don’t know, but sharks play a huge role in our ecosystem. Sharks maintain and control the species below them in the food chain. Without sharks, we wouldn’t have a healthy ocean. They are beautiful, misunderstood creatures that should be respected rather than hunted.

Tell us a little bit about your background and what got you into shark diving?

As a native South Floridian, I’ve been in the water for as long as I could remember. The majority of my baby pictures are taken at the beach or near the ocean. I became scuba certified at fourteen and have been free diving for almost six years. My uncle was the main reason why I started diving and he motivated me to keep moving forward and push myself to get better.

How long have you been diving with sharks?

I went on my first shark dive almost three and a half years ago, but I have been well acquainted with the ocean for years.

What has been your ALL-TIME favorite shark dive?

One of my most memorable and unforgettable shark dives was in the Bahamas, April 2017. It was my first time diving in the Bahamian waters with tiger sharks. I remember my first drop that day: Emma, one of the most famous and photographed sharks... swam right up to me, and I gently redirected her. I had never been in the presence of a shark that big. It was a bit overwhelming at first but easily became such a surreal moment; I’ll never forget it.
Chanelly gearing up for a shark dive off the coast of South Florida
Chanelly rocking our limited edition Shark Bracelet

The Shark Bracelet represents the nature of the shark - its incredible power and energy. As you wear it, let it be a reminder to have a perspective of constant pursuit in what you seek.



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