Hammerhead Bundle


Fun Fact: This shark's unusual name comes from the unusual shape of its head, a unique feature that maximizes its ability to find its favorite meal: stingrays.

Give a COMPLETE gift set and save when you bundle our Hand-Carved Wood Keychain, Sticker, and Hammerhead Wrap Bracelet.

Fluidity. Persistence. Authenticity.

Gliding through the depths of the ocean with a definitive grace, hammerheads are boldly persistent animals. They are known to travel in schools during the day but wander on their own at night. Remember that despite your tough independence, you should always remain close to your pack. You never know when you might need them.

In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each bracelet is hand carved from all-natural materials  and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

Maximum length for wrap bracelets is 24 inches.


As each symbol is made from natural materials, the color will slightly adjust over the first few months of wear as it takes on elements that are a part of your life journey. Salt water, perfumes, and natural oils will give each bracelet its own look that is uniquely yours.