Spring Flowers Anklet


Rebirth. Vibrance. Vitality.

Every year, spring flowers get a fresh start. The winter took its punches and for a while, it seemed like all hope was lost. But sure enough, they re-emerge—more beautiful than ever before. Always remember that you are a force of nature, and nothing can keep you down.

In a village at the edge of a jungle in Bali, each anklet is hand-carved from all-natural materials  and woven into an adjustable nylon thread band.

Anklet Fits up to 11" Ankle in our fully adjustable button closure.

Check out this anklet's twin bracelet and complete the set here!


As each symbol is made from natural materials, the color will slightly adjust over the first few months of wear as it takes on elements that are a part of your life journey. Salt water, perfumes, and natural oils will give each bracelet its own look that is uniquely yours.